Michael Schulz

Portfolio Manager

Michael specializes on the investment agenda within the ONE FAMILY OFFICE, which also includes monitoring international both public and private markets. To ONE FAMILY OFFICE, He brings the experience of an investment professional, macroeconomic strategist and portfolio manager who has previously already accummulated experience and expertise in leading investment management roles.

Prior to joining ONE FAMILY OFFICE, Michael was involved in building EnCor Asset Management from the position of portfolio manager and investment committee member, which included introducing new methodologies for managing funds and client mandates. Prior to that, as Chief Investment Analyst, he steered macroeconomic and investment views of the advisory firm Swiss Life Select Czech Republic, where he provided expert advice to nearly 300 advisors, effectively overseeing nearly 20 billion CZK in client advisory mandates of the firm.

Michael Schulz has earned the prestigious international CFA® certification, which is also held by some of the West’s leading investment professionals, including PIMCO co-founder Bill Gross and famed investor Howard Marks. Schulz studied finance internationally and completed study visits in Reutlingen, Germany, and at the London School of Economics. Occasionally, he serves as guest lecturer / speaker at universities in Austria and Canada.

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