Marek Vojáček

Associated Partner

Marek is an Associate Partner at ONE FAMILY OFFICE. He is a co-founder of HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm. His long-term focus is on complex transactions and disputes with insolvency or restructuring elements as well as transactions with NPL portfolios.

As a member of the supervisory board of Czechoslovak Capital Partners, an investment group, Marek is mainly responsible for the management of the group’s investments in distressed assets, NPLs, business loans, and real estate projects. The group invests particularly in high-quality underlying assets (commercial and residential properties, land plots and development sites) burdened with legal or relationship defects or other problems. The aim of these projects is to remove the defects, increase their value, and sell them to long-term target investors. In the area of financing, the group focuses on financing business activities, in particular bridge loans for the purchase or renovation of real estate, the purchase of inventory, and the refinancing of receivables.

The Czechoslovak Capital Partners investment group has been active in the investment market since 2012, managing the funds of major private clients of HAVEL & PARTNERS and investing more than CZK 3.5 billion in projects since its formation. It is the predecessor of ONE FAMILY OFFICE, which builds on its history. The investment group Czechoslovak Capital Partners will continue to use its unique expertise to handle projects for ONE FAMILY OFFICE and its business partners in the areas described above.

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