Jiří Kunášek

Associated Partner Inheritance Law

At ONE FAMILY OFFICE, Jiří is an Associate Partner. He is a partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS responsible for inheritance and legal advice. In addition, he actively handles corporate law, M&A, and advises private clients. Prior to joining HAVEL & PARTNERS in 2017, he worked in leading Czech law firms working closely with major international groups of companies.

Jiří focuses on inheritance law, representing clients mainly in large and complicated inheritance disputes and in their settlement. However, he also works with clients to ensure that the inheritance proceedings are calm and smooth, helping clients to have as much comfort as possible in their difficult moments. He also advises clients on all possible forms of dispositions mortis causa or in the event of legal incapacity.

His clients include successful entrepreneurs, managers, athletes, and artists from Czechia, Slovakia and abroad.

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