David Fogad

Strategic Partners Relations Manager

At ONE FAMILY OFFICE, David Fogad is mainly responsible for cooperation with partner investment companies, investment funds and with the most significant asset managers, financial advisors, and networks. David acts mainly as an investment and administrative director of the closely cooperating investment fund ADAX Fond firemního nástupnictví SICAV, a.s. He graduated in the law and legal science as well as law and international business programmes at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno and completed a postgraduate MBA programme in Prague.

He is a lecturer at the European Centre for Career Education (ECCE) and the Investee project, which focuses on the world of finance and investment in the digital age. In the past, he worked as a project manager of Zlatá Koruna, was a member of the board of directors of TNI Group, an investment holding, and a commercial director and member of the supervisory board of Fond Českého Bydlení SICAV, a.s., the first Czech fund of qualified investors focused on rental housing. His long-term activities include investment funds, capital market, financing, real estate, and management consulting.

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