Investing in a Global Environment

HAVEL & PARTNERS and its international partner law firms represent and work with most major international banks, Swiss and Austrian private banks and most major local financial institutions, including the most prominent fund managers and single family offices.

ONE FAMILY OFFICE structure invests and plans to invest internationally in equities, bonds, and other publicly traded securities, funds and ETFs, as well as in leading hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds or real estate and infrastructure funds, particularly in the United States. It also enters into individual private transactions/investments in venture capital, growth equity and IPOs on foreign stock exchanges or in individual so-called trophy real estate.

In assembling our unique investment team, we have taken into account our core interest, which is to diversify the assets of both multi-family office partners and our business partners outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in cooperation with elite financial experts in key global financial centres such as New York, Silicon Valley, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Most of the colleagues from our investment team have previously worked in an international environment in institutions such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, Erste or local major groups such as Penta, EPH, PPF, Patria, etc., or in the most important family offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


ONE FAMILY OFFICE cooperates closely with the aforementioned international investment banks, and additionally in particular with the most important Swiss, Austrian and Liechtenstein private banks. ONE FAMILY OFFICE, thanks to its unique composition and interdependence with the largest law firms in Central Europe, has the opportunity to work closely with selected single family offices and multi family offices not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy, the United States of America and Dubai.

ONE FAMILY OFFICE services do not include private banking services, which are complementary to them. HAVEL & PARTNERS Group and ONE FAMILY OFFICE have long and successful cooperation with most local and foreign private banks and a number of asset managers. The activities of ONE FAMILY OFFICE, in turn, generate a number of new opportunities and contracts for banks (and similarly for asset managers), especially in the areas of financing, account management, investments in money market products, custody services, depository for qualified investor funds, etc.

You may find out the specific way of cooperation and the identity of the cooperating banks, asset managers, funds or family offices at a personal meeting with the partners of ONE FAMILY OFFICE.

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